Are you interested in availing the state of the art voice activated car navigation system that Navteq connections has to offer? If you wish to know more about the navigation system and what it can do for you, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this car navigation system.

What are the benefits of car navigation systems?

Car navigation systems allow you to determine where your current location is as well as to find the mot efficient routes between your current location and to your destination. More than that, the use of a car navigation system is to provide you information about useful destinations like banks, ATM’s and gas station. If you are on a trip, the car’s navigation system can also be used in finding hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.

How is the car navigation system installed?

The car navigation system installation process will vary depending on the type of car navigation system you will choose. Its installation is quite simple and can be easily carried out by any shop that is capable of installing car starters. It can be installed in a brand new car as well as pre-owned cars.

How much does the car navigation system cost?

The price of car navigation system may vary depending on the features of the car navigation systems along with the complexity of its installation process. It is recommended that you pay us a visit so we can provide you a price quotation of how much the item and installation will cost. Our expert navigation system technicians will assist you and provide you an honest and accurate quotation with no hidden fees.

If you still have some questions which cannot be answered by the information provided above, please feel free to email or contact us. Our motivated and dedicated customer representatives will be here to address any of your concerns right away!